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My enthusiasm for working with people and with plants has so far seen me through over 25 years of working as a medical herbalist. The study of herbal medicine is a life-long task and I continue compliment my experience with study across a number of relevant disciplines. For most of my professional life I have worked part time in an NHS setting as a herbalist, and this has given me familiarity with orthodox medical protocols, and good relationships with a number of Sheffield doctors. I am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists,

I am a teacher and team member at Heartwood contributing to an online professional herbal medicine training. I was a regular guest lecturer on the degree course at The Scottish School of Herbal Medicine and I teach herbalists on post-graduate level courses. Involvement in training keeps me up to date with current research.

I offer a holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of illnesses. I believe that understanding the links between emotional and physical health is an important part of healing and recovery.

The pages on this website offer information about my practice, skills and approach to healing. There is also some background information about herbal medicine and a link to recommended further reading.

To make an appointment please contact me directly - either by phoning 0794 1414 497 or email me here: bendle

December 2018 News: The Wicker Herbal Store is closing.
December 2018 News: The Wicker Herbal Store is closing. The building has been sold and the business will be gone before the new year. This has been the longest lasting city centre herb shop in Sheffield, seen by many as something of a landmark and a respected institution. I was excited to find the shop, in its Peace Gardens location, when I moved to Sheffield and later enjoyed working in the Norfolk Street site offering free drop in consultations. The Herbarium on Abbeydale Road will continue to offer access to dried medicinal herbs and herbal products, but there will no longer be a city centre herb store in Sheffield. Wishing good fortune upon Steve, Maureen, Karen and Pat - the staff who worked there.

wicker herbal store